AIT Solutions - Thailand

Established by the Asian Institute of Technology, AIT offers innovative solutions in technology, engineering, environment, development, and management to contribute towards sustainable development of the region.

CEGB - Sri Lanka

CEGB provides consulting services in structural engineering and advanced solutions in vibration and seismic monitoring.


CESMOVY main business segments include infrasound and seismic monitoring products, geological dating products, general laboratory analysis equipment, silicon batteries, perovskite related products, and high-end UAV products.


Instrumental & Óptica is TRIMBLE in Ecuador and has been offering services in the area of ​​engineering and topography for more than 30 years. The company provides comprehensive solutions to professionals, companies and private and public institutions in the area of ​​construction, surveying, cartography, geodesy and structural health monitoring.


Lunitek designs and produces instruments for seismic and structural monitoring, providing also services and solutions for a wide range of applications including sesmology, civil engineering and oil and gas.

Northeastern Geophysical Ltd- UK

Northeastern Geophysical Ltd are a team of consultants specializing in providing seismic and geophysical analysis for a variety of industries.

NEOTEK - Greece

Specialized in the supply and technical support of instrumentation involved in scientific research and industrial applications in the fields of civil, mechanical, geotechnical, structural and seismological engineering.

OneCommerce - Philippines

OneCommerce is a trusted systems integrator in the Philippines by bridging technology that provides reliable connectivity and coverage.

TDG - Turkey

TDG offers a wide range of products including sensors, servo hydraulic loading actuator systems, ballistic measurements, seismic monitoring systems, innovative emergency earthquake warning systems and structural health monitoring.

Vase Sísmica - Mexico

Vase Sísmica is a group of professionals in dedicated to providing professional services specialized in instrumentation and solutions in applied seismology including structural health monitoring.

YODA - Bulgaria

Yoda’s practice provides a comprehensive service for clients with an emphasis on surveys and defect diagnosis of residential property with a special interest in historic buildings.


RBA Global - Chile

Ruben Boroschek & Associates (RBA) is a leading Chilean engineering company that provides consulting services in high complexity projects developed in South and Central America. Founded in 1998, it has been mainly dedicated to peer seismic and structural review of critical and special projects, some of them needing designs and seismic performances beyond the requirements of current design codes.


For over 40 years REFTEK has thoughtfully designed and manufactured a wide range of robust, reliable hardware and software solutions for scientists from the North Pole to the South Pole, and everywhere in between.
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