Our proprietary SMARTHYDROGEN platform is an innovative monitoring technology solution to extend the lifespan and improve the Return On Investment for hydrogen tanks. Together with our industry partner Testia, we are offering this unique system for this fast-growing clean-energy sector.

Hydrogen offers great potential as a fast-growing alternative to fossil fuels.

hydrogen tank


Demand for hydrogen is rising dramatically with increasing requirements for clean energy alternatives to fossil fuels.

Hydrogen can be stored as either a gas or a liquid. Storage of hydrogen as a gas typically requires high-pressure tanks of 350–700 bar tank pressure. Storage of liquid hydrogen requires cryogenic temperatures to keep the hydrogen below its boiling point at one atmosphere pressure of −252.8°C.

Specialized storage tanks are large, expensive and must be closely monitored for signs of damage or wear and tear that could result in a dangerous situation.

The QuakeLogic/Testia technological solution offers 24/7 real time structural health monitoring of hydrogen tanks that will alert management instantly to any potential safety and security issues requiring urgent physical inspection.


Most hydrogen fuel is created using fossil-fuel resources that are not environmentally friendly – or “green”. The United States Department of Energy estimates that the cost of hydrogen production will fall from $6/kg in 2015 to $2/kg by 2025, resulting in huge growth in the demand for hydrogen in the future.

So how will hydrogen be produced in a way that meets increasing pressure for environmentally friendly solutions?


Green hydrogen is created using energy from wind turbines and/or solar arrays. These structures generate the renewable energy used to produce hydrogen through the process of electrolysis.

Our solution for the green hydrogen industry combines state-of the-art sensor technology with AI and cloud computing to monitor and extend the availability and lifespan of costly wind turbines and solar arrays as well as the storage tanks used to store the hydrogen produced.

We have the industry covered.

Predictive Maintenance

As assets grow older, maintenance costs show a corresponding, significant increase.

SMARTHYDROGEN uses AI-powered inspection prioritization to lower overall deterioration maintenance costs.

Extending Life Span

Hydrogen tanks are generally required to last years, with failure rates are higher in the first few years.

SMARTHYDROGEN increases lifetime by providing early diagnosis of issues.

High Availability

Asset failure results in hydrogen tank downtime and loss of income.

SMARTHYDROGEN boosts availability by converting conventional asset into SMART asset.

Increase Profit

SMARTHYDROGEN avoids costly repairs and operational stops.


Works with any brand of sensor and/or digitizer

Accelerometer ∙ Seismometer ∙ Acoustic ∙ Geophone ∙ Total Station (GPS) ∙ Infrasound ∙ Temperature ∙ Anemometer ∙ Inclinometer ∙ Piezometer ∙ Strain gauge ∙ Crack meter ∙ Tilt meter ∙ Extensometer ∙ Load cell ∙ Many more sensors
Simple setup
Predictive maintenance
Reduce cost and liability
Increase availability

Integrate with any sensor and data logger

Start using your data without the long setup and long learning curve Native support for all industry data loggers and sensors

Intelligent Technology Platform

AI and real-time, cloud-based analytics with rapid issue notification

Flawless Delivery

Helping professionals worldwide for single or multiple projects

World-Class Service and Support

24/7 ongoing support for system and services


Be able to do your best work —no matter your size

We support your growth both in terms of the system capacity and tiered pricing plans
1 or 1000+ hydrogen tanks
Single or multiple hydrogen tank

Reliable, responsive and secure

Cloud platform or on-premise platform
Multi-language dashboard (Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish)
Customized analyses, notifications and reporting
16+ years of experience
There's been a natural adoption of the QuakeLogic's SHM platform. Users immediately see the benefit to themselves. Dr. Vasileios Ntertimanis, ETH Zurich
The problem-solving skills of Dr. Kalkan in structural health monitoring are impressive. Dr. Joe Fletcher, United States Geological Survey
By working with QuakeLogic, we’re finally able to have an accurate realtime earthquake monitoring of our largest bridge. Troy Martin, P.E., Nevada Department of Transportation

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