Our proprietary SMARTNETWORK solution is an advanced and integrated seismic network operations and monitoring technology to provide the most sophisticated and comprehensive earthquake monitoring, alarm and response system available in the market today.

micro seismic monitoring
micro seismic monitoring


Sensors and data logging devices positioned on each seismic stations are connected to our state-of-the-art data acquisition software running either in the cloud, on-site server or on the virtual machine.

SMARTNETWORK uses SWARM and WEBDC3 software for visualization of seismic waveforms and recent earthquake data in local and remote displays.

This software continuously acquires seismic waveforms. It also monitors the integrity of the station data and sends relevant data and scheduled reports to the cloud-based mobile-friendly dashboard. These reports can also be accessed on demand as required.


ShakeMaps provide near-real-time maps of ground motion and shaking intensity following significant earthquakes.

These maps are used by government, and local organizations, both public and private, for post-earthquake response and recovery, public and scientific information, as well as for preparedness exercises and disaster planning.

SMARTNETWORK automatically generates shaking maps after events.

seismic monitoring


Working seamlessly with SMARTNETWORK’s computational platform, the dashboard organizes, stores and displays current seismic station data and reports to provide real-time information about the health of each monitored stations. Password security is provided to avoid unauthorized access to information.

Advanced features include sensor positioning, a map of the most recent earthquakes around the globe, regional fault maps, etc.


Intelligent Technology Platform

• 24/7 waveform acquisition and analysis with immediate event notification.

• Triggered and periodic custom analyses and reporting.

• Dashboard displaying information of all monitored stations.

Flawless Delivery

• Confirmation of scope prior to implementation.

• Transparent coordination and communication with seismologists, engineers and technicians.

• Comprehensive system documentation and training materials.

World-Class Service and Support

• Firmware, software, configuration and security updates.

• Routine and as-needed hardware recalibration.

• Periodic system function testing, log checking and reporting.

Extensive Experience

• More than 40 instrumentation and SHM projects for buildings, bridges,dams and tunnels.

• Largest instrumentation and SHM project in the US, including 28 hospitals.


Works with any brand of sensor and/or digitizer

Accelerometer ∙ Seismometer ∙ Acoustic ∙ Geophone ∙ Total Station (GPS) ∙ Infrasound ∙ Temperature ∙ Anemometer ∙ Inclinometer ∙ Piezometer ∙ Strain gauge ∙ Crack meter ∙ Tilt meter ∙ Extensometer ∙ Load cell ∙ Many more sensors
Simple setup
Predictive maintenance
Reduce cost and liability
Increase availability

Integrate with any sensor and data logger

Start using your data without the long setup and long learning curve Native support for all industry data loggers and sensors

Intelligent Technology Platform

AI and real-time, cloud-based analytics with rapid issue notification

Flawless Delivery

Helping professionals worldwide for single or multiple projects

World-Class Service and Support

24/7 ongoing support for system and services


Be able to do your best work —no matter your size

We support your growth both in terms of the system capacity and tiered pricing plans
1 or 1000+ wind turbines
Single or multiple wind farms

Reliable, responsive and secure

Cloud platform or on-premise platform
Multi-language dashboard (Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish)
Customized analyses, notifications and reporting
16+ years of experience
There's been a natural adoption of the QuakeLogic's SHM platform. Users immediately see the benefit to themselves. Dr. Vasileios Ntertimanis, ETH Zurich
The problem-solving skills of Dr. Kalkan in structural health monitoring are impressive. Dr. Joe Fletcher, United States Geological Survey
By working with QuakeLogic, we’re finally able to have an accurate realtime earthquake monitoring of our largest bridge. Troy Martin, P.E., Nevada Department of Transportation

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