performs real-time asset monitoring, analysis and rapid notifications to

Save Money

Make informed decisions to prevent unnecessary evacuations and costly downtime.

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Reduce Liabilities

Rapidly identify structure’s performance and potential damage locations.

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Safeguard Business

Minimize distress, coordinate emergency situations to essential locations.

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Recover Fast

Better prepare for emergencies by implementing action plans and realistic training scenarios.

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Why choose us

The QuakeLogic’s structural health monitoring (SHM) software is a modern platform for condition monitoring, analysis and rapid notification. It processes real-time sensor data and provides information to users on their structure's performance immediately after an event or natural disasters (wind storm, earthquake, tornado, etc.) to prevent unnecessary evacuations and interruptions to ongoing critical operations and services. The artificial intelligence based SHM software is designed to reduce costly downtime (business continuity) and minimize distress, as well as safeguard authorities for better handling of emergency situations.


Our software platform continuously listens nearby earthquakes and monitors the integrity of the structure for any changes by using sensor data. It also monitors structure’s stability for short- and long-term deteriorations.


Our software platform analyzes and archives dynamic response of the structure in real-time. During an event, a series of system-identification and performance analysis tools are utilized for rapid structural assessment.


Within minutes of an earthquake, our software platform gathers a comprehensive report with action plan and sends out notifications to assist efforts in decision making process for evaluating the structural safety and integrity.

Who Has Chosen Us


By working with QuakeLogic, we’re finally able to have an accurate realtime earthquake monitoring of our largest bridge for rapid disaster response.
Troy Martin, P.E.
Nevada Department of Transportation
I highly recommend Dr. Kalkan. He has done tremendous work on structural health monitoring to enhance safety of patients and staff. I had a real pleasure to work with him.
Juan Archilla, P.E.
Department of Veterans Affairs
QuakeLogic has been the ideal collaborative partner for our research study, they are extremely prompt, knowledgeable, and professional.
Prof. Ryan Sherman
Georgia Tech.
QuakeLogic is the leading industry partner for advanced engineering solutions, especially for SHM. They have been trustworthy in their service with extremely high quality professionalism.
Prof. Jee Park
University of Nevada, Las Vegas