QuakeLogic is proud to partner with Dutch company HSS Engineering as the North America distributor for their state-of-the-art warning systems and accessories.

HSS's warning system solutions for public, industry and defense are installed all over the globe. Having the right alert system in place is vital to fulfilling your safety requirements.

Why HSS Engineering?

We make sure your Warning system solutions is not only heard but also understood. We have extensive experience in developing and delivering integrated and stand-alone Warning system solutions for mass notification to all industries, public and military solutions.Would you like to see some of HSS Enginineerings clients and past projects.

Reliable and easy to operate.

Our hardware and Software for perform exceptionally under extreme weather conditions, from the harsh, ice-cold landscape of Greenland to the extreme heat of Saudi Arabia.

And when we say that we do not go anywhere before your solution works, that’s a promise you can rely and count on.

HSS Engineering is one of the world’s largest suppliers of high quality, siren & integrated warning systems, serving our customers worldwide from our base in Aarhus, Denmark.

Notify and Instruct.

A good Warning system solutions has two must-have functions: Notify and Instruct. HSS Engineering can provide a warning tone followed by a voice message. For example: Gas Alarm followed by the voice message “Gas Alarm – Go to Muster Area 2”.

Get in touch with our experienced consultants and engineers for right Alert system solutions or improve your existing system performance.

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