QuakeLogic Maintenance

What is QuakeLogic Maintenance?

Welcome to QUAKELOGIC Maintenance! We care about You and we have got your back when it comes for any sort of technical assistance you need.

Our Technical Maintenance is designed with one goal: make sure everything gets done right and stays up and running without fail.

As we continue our tradition of providing the best technology and customer service, all our software solutions satisfy your most demanding instrumentation, monitoring and earthquake early warning challenges.

Select a maintenance package that covers your exact needs and enjoy benefits, from unique customer support services to special discounts!

structural health monitoring

Benefits NO Plan On Basic ON Premium
Software Benefits
FREE Annual version Upgrade
Access to Latest Seismic/Structural/Geotechnical Monitoring Modules
Routine cleaning of log files
Routine function tests
Watchdog Services
State of health (SOH) watchdog monitoring for hardware and software
Periodic monthly reporting on system SOH
Licensing Services
License Support - Troubleshooting
License Recovery/Activation
Options to change licensing
Remote Desktop/Video Call Personal Support
Technical Support
Online technical support
Personal Technical Support
Online Tutorials Access
Personal Training Zoom Session
Special Discounts
% Special discount on Extra Licenses 20% 20%
% Special discount on Extra Modules 20% 20%
% Discount on all workshops 10% 30%
% Special discount for licensing transfer (migration) 10% 30%

Why Go ON QuakeLogic Maintenance?

Our Maintenance ON Subscription includes around-the-clock technical help and updates for both hardware and software components, as well as regular preventative maintenance to ensure ongoing system reliability.

In the event of a structural health issue, system alerts are immediately sent to QuakeLogic as well as to local structural engineers, placing our seismic experts on alert for support as needed. Any issue affecting the integrity of the actual monitoring platform itself is also immediately communicated to QuakeLogic by our watchdog service, ensuring prompt resolution for uninterrupted system performance.

When Your Maintenance is ON: you can choose Basic or Premium

QUAKELOGIC Maintenance gives you all:

Software Benefits (Free routine Firmware, software and security updates),

Watchdog Services (State of health watchdog monitoring for hardware and software),

Licensing Services (troubleshooting, personal desktop/video call technical assistance support, licensing recovery, options to change licensing),

Technical Support (personal technical support, online tutorials access, personal zoom training sessions),

Special discounts on adding extra modules, workshops and license migration.

You can have all the benefits and privilege of having a QuakeLogic maintenance annual plan by just diving into it!

Get QuakeLogic Maintenance
(12 Months)

Choose the Annual Maintenance plan with the benefits that will complement the hardware and software solutions that we provide. This is one-time annual fee that is due from the initial software/hardware activation/purchase. Maintenance plan will reactivate your license and technical maintenance for the next 12 months.

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