Triaxial accelerograph

GL-P2B has a built-in high-sensitivity 3-point microelectromechanical MEMs accelerometer module. Its data acquisition part is a miniaturized version of EDAS-24GN. Both have the same design in terms of ADC, embedded system based on ARM9 chip and Linux. GL-P2B also adds two functions: network NTP timing and network power supply, making it more convenient to use. GL-P2B has functions such as automatic detection of earthquake events, intensity calculation, and automatic estimation of parameters such as τc and Pd. It can output continuous waveform data and automatically publish earthquake trigger information, intensity information, and instrument status information through the network or SMS.

Application areas

  • Free site strong earthquake observation
  • Observation and health monitoring of strong vibrations of buildings and structures
  • Artificial blasting observation
  • Vibration monitoring of dams, bridges, stations, tunnels and other facilities
  • Site earthquake safety assessment, etc
  • Emergency mobile seismic observation; earthquake scientific investigation; earthquake early warning monitoring; landslide and rockfall monitoring
  • Construct a rapid earthquake intensity report and earthquake early warning network
  • Preventive protection of cultural relics and environmental monitoring system for cultural relics facilities