Seismic Monitoring in Geothermal Energy

In the quest for sustainable energy solutions amidst climate change, Geothermal Energy, particularly through Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS), plays a pivotal role. EGS effectively enhances energy extraction by improving the permeability of geothermal wells via hydraulic stimulation. At the forefront of ensuring the safe and efficient use of this renewable resource is QuakeLogic, with its specialized seismic monitoring services.

geothermal monitoring
geothermal monitoring

Understanding and Monitoring

Geothermal Energy taps into the Earth's core heat through well drilling. EGS further aids this process by creating a fracture network, boosting heat extraction for electricity generation or heating purposes. However, this process can trigger minor earthquakes, termed induced seismicity. Monitoring these seismic activities is not only crucial for operational safety but is also a recommended practice by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Experience: Extensive background in seismic monitoring.

Expertise: Team of consulting engineers and expert seismologists.

Infrastructure: Highly secure and reliable cloud data center with redundancy.

Operations: Available around the clock, 24/7.

geothermal monitoring
geothermal monitoring


Our dashboard efficiently organizes, stores, and showcases the latest seismic station data and reports, offering up-to-the-minute insights into seismic activities in and around the geothermal field. To ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data, we have implemented password-protected access, preventing unauthorized information retrieval.

The dashboard boasts advanced capabilities, such as detailed seismic station data, an interactive map highlighting recent global earthquakes, regional fault maps, and more, enhancing the user experience with comprehensive seismic information.


Intelligent Technology Platform

• 24/7 waveform acquisition and analysis with immediate event notification.

• Triggered and periodic custom analyses and reporting.

• Dashboard displaying information of all monitored stations.

Flawless Delivery

• Confirmation of scope prior to implementation.

• Transparent coordination and communication with seismologists, engineers and technicians.

• Comprehensive system documentation and training materials.

World-Class Service and Support

• Firmware, software, configuration and security updates.

• Routine and as-needed hardware recalibration.

• Periodic system function testing, log checking and reporting.

Extensive Experience

• More than 40 instrumentation and SHM projects for buildings, bridges,dams and tunnels.

• Largest instrumentation and SHM project in the US, including 28 hospitals.


Integrate with any sensor and data logger

Start using your data without the long setup and long learning curve Native support for all industry data loggers and sensors

Intelligent Technology Platform

AI and real-time, cloud-based analytics with rapid issue notification

Flawless Delivery

Helping professionals worldwide for single or multiple projects

World-Class Service and Support

24/7 ongoing support for system and services


Reliable, responsive and secure

Cloud platform or on-premise platform
Multi-language dashboard (Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish)
Customized analyses, notifications and reporting
18+ years of experience
There's been a natural adoption of the QuakeLogic's SHM platform. Users immediately see the benefit to themselves. Dr. Vasileios Ntertimanis, ETH Zurich
The problem-solving skills of Dr. Kalkan in structural health monitoring are impressive. Dr. Joe Fletcher, United States Geological Survey
By working with QuakeLogic, we’re finally able to have an accurate realtime earthquake monitoring of our largest bridge. Troy Martin, P.E., Nevada Department of Transportation

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