h6 configurable digital

The H6 tiltmeter provides highly accurate tilt sensing in a rugged metal IP68 rated ALL-weather housing. Operating temperature from -40° C to 85° C and underwater operation tested up to 30 meters makes the H6 a perfect tiltmeter for most environments. The output parameters can be modified at the factory to meet your specifications (i.e. range, polarity). We also offer the Flex Series Development Kit allowing the end user to modify the sensor as needed right from a PC – providing full flexibility for R&D and OEM production lines.

By filling this form out you can tell us how you would like your H6 tiltmeter configured! If you would like a standard ±180 unit with the factory standard options, leave the form as is. Alternatively, if you would like to be able to modify the H6 yourself, we offer the Flex Series Development Kit allowing you to do so from any PC.