E-Quake Nova

This product is the most innovative & high-tech solution for seismic monitoring networks, developed by TDG. It includes an ultra low noise three component seismic internal accelerometer, which breaks the boundaries of conventional force balanced servo accelerometers. This digital system offers excellent noise performance and unmatched resolution, providing simultaneous sampled acceleration data through the ethernet interface. The product is equipped with an embedded linux powered single board computer system, easily handling all the connection, configuration, data processing, data transfer, event-handling and storage tasks. The unit offers the best price-performance ratio and the most innovative design of its class.


  • Unmatched Price / Performance Ratio
  • Internal High-Tech Triaxial Seismic Accelerometer
  • Ultra-High Resolution, Ultra-Low Noise Performance
  • DC-200 Hz Standard, Optional High-Frequency Bandwidth up to 400 Hz
  • +2g, +5g, +15g Range Options
  • Up to 1000 SPS Sampling Rate
  • Direct-GPS Technology
  • 160 dB Dynamic Range
  • Micro-G Level Vibration Measurements
  • Embedded Linux
  • Ethernet TCP/IP Communication
  • High Internal Storage
  • Compact & Robust Design


  • Earthquake Measurements / Earthquake Intensity
  • Micro-zoninp and Regional Seismic Maps
  • Seismic Stronp Motion Network
  • Structural Health Monitoring
  • Underground Resources, Energy, Geothermal, Mining, Geological Research
  • Micro-tremor Measurements
  • Blast Measurements