GZ-GN4: Four-component earthquake intensity early warning instrument


The GZ-GN4 four-component seismic intensity meter uses a three-component MEMS acceleration output and a short-period velocity output sensor, electromagnetic transduction, and a force balance feedback structure. The circuit is installed in an aluminum frame with dimensions of only 180 mm × 150 mm × 68 mm. Inside the sealed chassis, there is a built-in 10-year maintenance-free battery, which can continuously supply power for about 5 minutes after an external power outage.

The application of force balance electronic feedback technology gives GZ-GN4 the characteristics of large dynamic range, wide frequency range, and good linearity. The calibration signal adopts pulse, sine, and random code calibration; can be connected to external GPS timing and supports NTP timing service; improves the ability to resist power interference; has STA/LTA, level trigger, STA/LTA+ level trigger combination, and each can be configured individually A vote of weight.

The in-built ADC is characterized by three balanced differential channels, delivering high resolution and an expansive dynamic range. This ensures rapid, real-time data streaming with unmatched timing precision. Moreover, its network capabilities enable diverse sampling, with a dynamic range hitting its zenith at 138dB at 50 samples-per-second (sps).


  • Free-field strong earthquake observation, building structure observation, and artificial blasting observation
  • Earthquake monitoring in local areas, reservoirs, coal mines and oil fields
  • Vibration monitoring of dams, bridges, stations, tunnels and other facilities
  • Construct an earthquake early warning system, etc.