Power Brick is a compact and lightweight solution for battery power. It is equipped with a 18Ah LiFePo4 battery, whose chemistry is known to have a high-power density compared to its weight. Alternatively, in the case of a limited budget, it can be equipped with a classical lead acid battery which is cheaper but heavier than the LiFePo4. Power Brick integrates a MPPT battery charger and can be connected to two PVs at the same time to increase the available power in case of bad weather or should you decide to use a smaller panel.

The Power Brick lid displays the battery charging status with green/red LEDs. If the instrument is powered by PVs the status is always active, in the case of absence of an external power supply, a button can be used to activate the circuit for a few seconds. Power Brick has a DC output connector to power the instruments. You can also stack Power Bricks, using the Brick In input, you can add as many bricks as necessary, sizing the backup system to meet your needs.

Power Brick is weatherproof, suitable for harsh environments and portable, a sturdy handle allows you to easily carry it with you.


High Power 18Ah
Integrated MPPT battery charger
Direct PV connection
Lightweight and portable
Battery charge display
Optionally stackable


earthquake early warning