European Bank Data Center | Real-Time Vibration Monitoring

european bank data center

In collaboration with our local partner "Namazu Consulting", QuakeLogic is providing cloud-based real-time vibration detection and monitoring for a European Bank Data Center in Romania by using the Guralp accelerographs installed in the building.

The project aims to monitor induced vibrations from a nearby construction site, and to check the vibration noise in terms of peak accelerations and power-spectral-density (PSD) with the minimum vibration requirements for the computers and servers located in the data center.

european bank data center

QuakeLogic's structural health monitoring (SHM) is the only software that can process continuous vibration data and computes PSD values in real-time.

This advanced monitoring system sends immediate notifications to the client upon detection of threshold exceedances. Including in the notification is a comprehensive assessment report.

european bank data center

All event data and reports, and real-time sensor data is available at the QuakeLogic's online web portal. This mobile-friendly dashboard is intuitive to use and provides drill-down functionality from the initial single-screen overview through increasingly detailed levels of data and information as needed.


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