Unterwalden Bridge

The ETH Zurich Zurich has funded the QUAKELOGIC to implement SMARTBRIDGE SHM software technology to a unique railway bridge, composed of two UHPFRC plates comprising a ribbed profile, in Switzerland.

Since there is no structure of similar traits to compare its performance, a monitoring campaign was initiated to measure the long-term behavior of the structure (and material) to routine traffic and environmental conditions, which would offer guidelines for future designs composed of UHPFRC.

The bridge’s SHM system consists of a total of 36 sensors deployed to monitor dynamic response of the structure. The monitoring system includes 12 accelerometers, 4 tiltmeters, 22 strain gauges (at 10 discrete locations), 4 laser distometer as well as temperature and humidity sensors. These sensor systems work seamlessly with the QUAKELOGIC’s real-time SHM platform.

The SHM platform automatically triggers every time a train pass, and rapidly send text and email notifications to alert users if threshold values are exceeded. It also prepares a detailed assessment report in PDF.

After each train pass, the dashboard is updated with peak values of acceleration, deflection, temperature and humidity. The system also reports number of cars that the passing train had and whether it is right or left crossing. This dynamic monitoring system works flawlessly providing essential information about the condition of the bridge to users.

QuakeLogic's mission is to ensure peace of mind for owners and operators of bridges.


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