Galena Creek Bridge Monitoring

The Nevada Department of Transportation (DOT) has funded the QUAKELOGIC, University of Nevada Las Vegas and Georgia Institute of Technology to implement a permanent SHM system for the world's largest concrete cathedral-arch bridge (Galena Bridge) near Reno, Nevada to monitor the bridge's response in real-time to routine traffic, environmental conditions and seismic activity.

The bridge’s unique SHM system consists of 45 high-end sensors including accelerometers, potentiometers, tilt meters and weather stations connected to two 24-bit IP-based digitizers. The superstructure's instrumentation system is complimented with an abutment seismic station housing a triaxial accelerometer and a digitizer.

These sensor systems work seamlessly with the QUAKELOGIC’s real-time SMARTBRIDGE SHM platform. This platform sends immediate notifications to Nevada DOT about structural performance after earthquakes.

QuakeLogic's SHM system automatically triggers on predefined events, such as an earthquake, and rapidly send text and email notifications to alert users. It also prepares a detailed assessment report in PDF.

SMARTBRIDGE is integrated with QuakeLogic's mobile-friendly dashboard, a data management framework to support aggregation, storage and reporting of SHM data obtained and analyzed from the users’ facilities.

QuakeLogic's mission is to ensure peace of mind for owners and operators of bridges.


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