Palert+ - Seismic Sensor and recorder

A new member of the cost effective world renowned Palert family.

  • Low Cost
  • Highly Reliable
  • Internationally proven
  • 8 GB system storage
  • MEMs and GEOPHONE sensors

PALERT+ provides users with the ability to react before a major quake arrives as well as providing unparalleled detailed information, all at an affordable price.

PALERT+ is an advanced IP67 earthquake P-wave alarm detector system. It uses embedded Pd technology, developed by Prof. Yih-Min Wu from the National Taiwan University, that can accurately, within 3 seconds, determine the size of the shockwave based on the detected P-wave. Can be used as part of earthquake early warning system. Worldwide examples - India, Vietnam, China, Philippines, Greece, Korea, Mexico, USA and New Zealand.

With both MEMs and geophone sensors the PALERT+ provides exceptional detection giving warning as well as detailed information about the earthquake.

All Products in the PALERT range are independently lab calibrated and certified.