Elevate Your Educational Experience with the EQs Tremor Table

Designed for hands-on learning in high schools and middle schools, this premier tool offers:

  • Realistic Earthquake Simulation: Mimics a segment of Earth's crust, robustly testing structures against earthquake resistance.
  • Advanced Control Features: Control box with LED display shows cycles per second from zero to 30, aligning with earthquake P wave frequencies.
  • Customizable Shake Sequences: Allows programming of up to eight minutes of shake sequences for consistent testing and building contests.
  • Educational Versatility: Ideal for demonstrating resonant frequency and enhancing understanding of seismology and structural engineering.
  • Innovative Floor Plate System: 1/8" plywood plates integrate into the structure, allowing addition of bolts and washers to simulate skyscraper loads.
  • Enhanced Design Flexibility: Offers more design possibilities, mirroring real-world engineering challenges.

Contact us for a detailed quotation and learn how the EQs Tremor Table can transform your curriculum.


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