Presentation at International Disaster and Resilience Congress

QuakeLogic and TDG jointly presented "Innovative Structural Health Monitoring and Earthquake Risk Management Solutions at Urban Scale"

CLICK HERE for PDF of our presentation (in Turkish)

With the adoption of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction at the United Nations Disaster Risk Reduction Conference in 2015, an important step was taken towards creating more resilient cities. The concept of urban resilience includes combating the destructive social, economic and psychological effects of disasters, assuring the fastest response time, and efficient post-disaster reconstruction and adaptation processes. For cities at high seismic risk, the most important gaps in the implementation of these processes are the uncertainties before, during and after the earthquake. Real-time data are needed to determine the status of the existing building stock, to create seismic risk maps, and to evaluate the situation rapidly during the disaster coordination and after the earthquake. In this study, to increase urban resilience, a four-component holistic method is proposed. The first component is the Structural Health Monitoring Systems. By placing sensors in critical structures, the integrity of the structures can be monitored 24/7, and a decision support system can facilitate damage analyses and coordination processes after a major earthquake. The second component is the creation of city-wide shaking intensity maps. In this way, micro-scale seismic risk maps can be created effectively and shaking estimation at the time of the earthquake can be performed. The third component is the Earthquake Early Warning System, which has many successful examples worldwide. The second and third components are based on instrumentation that supports each other. It includes the placement of ground motion recording sensors in specific areas in and around the city and complementary powerful software. The fourth component is the creation of a Structural Health and Earthquake Monitoring Center in the city. This center will ensure the effective coordination, management and transfer of the first three components to the public.

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