Tellus-1s is a three-component short-band seismometer that can be used both in active and passive seismology providing great results for local seismic monitoring with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Tellus-1s is manufactured using high quality geophones whose frequency response is extended electronically with high thermal stability and low noise components. The transduction factor of every single unit is individually calibrated on the shake table with an accuracy within ±1%.

Tellus-1s exhibits a flat bandpass between 1 and 100 Hz.

The transduction factor of the single ended version is 400 and 800 V/m/s for the differential output.

Tellus-1s is manufactured in AISI316 stainless steel housing offering a high level of protection IP68 thus it is ideal for harsh environments and for field use.

An aluminum hard coated housing variant is available as a budget version when a rugged version is not needed.

A leveling bubble and adjustable spikes are provided for easy regulation and quick installation, upon request it is possible to include other fixing systems, for example a wall-mount base plate and longer spikes.

Tellus-1s is ideal suited to micro-seismic methods and Nakamura surveys.


Tellus-1s Seismometer
High dynamic range up to 140 dB
Frequency range 1 Hz - 100 Hz
Transduction factor 400 V/m/s (S) 800 V/m/s (D)
High accuracy
Low self-noise
Good thermal stability
Low power consumption
No need for mechanical clamping