Case Studies

Galena Bridge

Galena Creek Bridge Monitoring

The Nevada Department of Transportation (DOT) has funded the QUAKELOGIC, University of Nevada Las Vegas and Georgia Institute of Technology to implement a permanent SHM system for the world's largest concrete cathedral-arch bridge ...

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Structural Health Monitoring


Walnut Canyon Dam deliveries of imported, untreated Colorado River Water from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. It’s reservoir is capable of storing 920 million gallons ...

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Early Earthquake warning


SONOCO has chosen QuakeLogic for earthquake early warning system provider. Palert with a LCD display are used in one of its manufacturing plant in central California. This earthquake detection system ...

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Enerjisa Early Earthquake warning

Enerjisa Istanbul Headquarters

Enerjisa's Istanbul,Turkey Headquarters, preferred QuakeLogic for its early earthquake warning system. PAlert system was used in this project. PAlert is an advanced earthquake P-wave alarm detector system. It uses embedded Pd...

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European Bank Romania

European Bank Data Center

QuakeLogic is providing cloud-based real-time vibration detection and monitoring for a European Bank Data Center in Romania by using the Guralp accelerographs installed in the building. The project aims to monitor induced vibrations from...

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Canakkale 1915 Bridge

World's Longest Span Suspension Bridge | 1915 Canakkale Bridge

We are proud to be a part of this project that is truly an engineering marvel. The 1915 Çanakkale Bridge will become the world’s longest midspan suspension bridge with a 2,023-meter (6,637-feet) span between its towers...

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Rosedo Salazar Dam

Rosendo Salazar Dam

QuakeLogic is utilizing cloud technology to offer real-time vibration detection and earthquake monitoring services for the Rosendo Salazar dam located in Mexico. The dam is equipped with Guralp accelerographs...

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Unterwalden Bridge

Unterwalden Bridge

The ETH Zurich has funded the QUAKELOGIC to implement SMARTBRIDGE SHM software technology to a unique railway bridge, composed of two UHPFRC plates comprising a ribbed profile, in Switzerland. ...

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